Fun day in Florence :)


Hope everyone is doing well šŸ™‚ Today was a fun day in Florence. I had class this morning and during class we went to an incredible gelato place called La Carraia. Our entire class got three scoops of gelato (I could not finish mine!) I got tirmasu, cookie, and coffee. I really enjoyed it! We also went to the other market in Florence called we saw that they had a Kosher butcher which was pretty cool to see. I got a very delicious cappuccino at the market.

Then I went back to the Pitti Palace to walk around the Boboli gardens. They are very pretty. We met some Americans from Minnesota (shout out to all of my Minnesotan friends and Brett Abrams) which was pretty funny. I imagined them to be like the Chicago Botanical gardens with a lot of flowers, but it was mostly a lot of green area. But it was still pretty. It was BOILING hot today! I did not believe people who said that Florence gets hot because the first week here it was rainy and cold but trust me, now I understand.

Tonight we had dinner with the Rispolis (like we do every night) and it was an outstanding dinner. We had homemade pizza with eggplant and tomatoes, as well as calzones. Tonight at dinner we talked about Bruno’s job which was interesting. We also talked about the Italian soccer team and Florence’s currency. Risa and I have learned that you need to value the coins here, because a lot of places do not take the 20 euros if you are buying something that is 5 euros. They get extremely annoyed. Its different than in the U.S where you usually can use a credit card.

Next week I am going to Germany which will super exciting! That is all that is going on here šŸ™‚

Have a good day!


DSC00731 DSC00740 DSC00738 DSC00734 DSC00733 DSC00732 DSC00728 DSC00726


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